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Too busy to grow

your company? 

I’ll help you create a growth strategy to grow from start-up to scale-up.

You know what direction you want to take your business.

How you can create more meaning for your customers and the world. What legacy you want to leave behind. And as an experienced entrepreneur, you know you are capable of achieving this.

 Yet you have not yet taken the plunge. Because you also have your doubts. About where you are going to find the time to actually do it. You’re so busy already. And you are unsure about making the right investments and setting priorities. And last but not least, you are not sure if it is okay to want even more and even bigger. Shouldn’t you just be happy with where you are at now?


No, you absolutely don’t have to settle for where you are now.

You may raise the bar; exactly to where you envision it. Innovative, sustainable and valuable for your customers. And by collaborating we’ll make sure that you succeed.

With my fresh perspective, I’ll quickly spot what else is possible for you. And I’ll tell you which dials you need to turn in your company to capitalize on those opportunities. Moreover, I’ll quickly and honestly point out any sore spot. Not to magnify problems, but to solve them. So that you continue and realize your dream. And so you finally start doing business at the right level, realizing your potential for a greater impact.

I’ll help you take the right decisions, in the right order and at the right moment.

So you free up time, money and headspace for real sustainable growth and impact with your company.

Doe de gratis business scan om jouw bedrijf te laten groeien

A fast and easy exercise to spot growth opportunities for your company.

1 op 1 gesprek met Linda

Do you want to grow your business and seize opportunities with both hands? I help you one on one with a better understanding of your business and in developing creative and practical growth strategies. All my collaborations are 1 on 1 and tailor-made for you and your company.

Schedule a discovery call here, then we will see if we’re a match and discuss how we can work together.

For driven entrepreneurs who aim for growth.

kind words

Linda has been a blessing for our development. If you are looking for a consulting company, you are in the wrong place with Linda. In a very short time (I am not talking about hours or days, but minutes) Linda identifies the pain points in development, growth and potential challenges. Based on this, she presents a variety of solution paths that we have not been explained in the last 2 years in various and numerous national and international accelerator and mentor programs. The solution paths, not solution approaches, are so simple to understand and implement.

Stefan Chang – Refresherboxx

Our company is growing at a rapid pace. Bacause of this we simply didn’t get around to some important tasks. As a result you lose the overview. Linda has made it clear to me where we are now and what steps we can take to support our team even better and thus take the company to a higher level.

I think the great thing about Linda is that she really enjoys builiding on your excisting ideas and adds new possibilities to your plans. You can feel her enthusiasm . She has a great vibe and a lot of good ideas, which we can now get started on implementing straight away.

Ruud Nijssen –

It was because of Linda that I realized my portfolio of services was too broad for my customer group. By pointing out the decision-making stress my customers had, I was able to create a more optimal service package. Here too Linda managed to inspire me and I came to the realization that ‘Less’ really is ‘More’. The stress is gone and the conversions are much better.

Robert Schwab – Salestress

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